Ball Control Program – Ball on a String

Ball Control Program – Ball on a String

Ball Control Program - Ball on a String

Ball Control Program – Ball on a String

You’re Just a Few Drills Away From Ball Control You Dream Of

This unique ball control program is unlike any other basketball drills program you will find.  Snake takes you through a variety of drills to “program” your body to control the ball with ease at all times.  Within one practice session of using Snake’s secret techniques you will immediately notice a huge improvement in your ball control.  Here’s what’s included in the program:

  • 48 ball handling drills that teach you ball control in every way imaginable from basics up to advance moves
  • Why ball control is the basis for everything in ball handling
  • Why control IS speed
  • A simple concept that will make ball control easy for you to learn
  • A secret technique Snake developed to “program” your body to control the ball with ease after just one practice session
  • Snake explains how to use each drill and why it is important
  • Some unusual moves and drills that you won’t learn from any other coach
  • A variety of moves and combinations that can be used in real game situations
  • Drills are progressed into a full 18 minute ball control workout
  • And much more

This ball control program that will take your handles to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro!


11 Responses to “Ball Control Program – Ball on a String

  • Are the videos downloadable from your site, once they’re paid for?

  • sneak i really interested the videos i like it i am now working the right hand side my left hand is my strong hand thanks so much.

  • Hey Snake, I’m wondering if your program could really help me. I’m 5’11 and just turned 15, I really want to get better handles and lose my shyness. Like, I get really nervous when the ball is on my hands and I just pass it quickly, if I attempt to dribble I’ll be all shaky and lose the ball. I’d really like to learn how to brake ankles and be an important member of a team. I want to be one with the ball!
    You think your program could help me?
    Thanks, and happy holidays!

    • Hi Johnny,

      Absolutely. Ball on a String will help you feel like the ball is a part of you at all times, boost your confidence and give you maximum control over the ball!

      • Hey,
        Great! I’m going to try to get the program soon. How do I make an account so that once I’ve purchased it I’ll be able to watch from any mobile device and computer?

        Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to get it and start learning to handle the ball better.

  • where can i order ball on a string at and if not now when i really want it for the summer

  • hi Jesse
    I’m a basketball player from Iran and I really want to buy ball on a string program but I think I can’t buy it with our country’s money
    How can I buy the program??

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