Who is Snake?

Snake – Basketball Ball Handling Trainer & Entertainer

Snake is considered by many to be the best basketball entertainer and ball handler in the world .  As a basketball ball handling instructor and trainer he has helped thousands of players take their game to the next level with his detailed instruction and motivational message.  As an entertainer he amazes massive crowds, unites communities and organizations and motivates and inspires people to turn dreams into goals and goals into a reality.

Basketball Entertainer & Ball Handling Trainer Experience

Snake has traveled across the United States performing and teaching his ball handling techniques and has done work for companies and organizations such as Nike, the NBA, EA Sports, Red Bull, Best Buy and K Mart.  He’s also been featured in TV shows, commercials and world trick ball handling competitions.

Snake’s Mission as a Ball Handling Trainer & Basketball Entertainer

Snake’s number one passion and goal is to help others turn dreams into reality. He  helps players improve their ball handling, unites communities for good causes, and inspires people with his motivational message.

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8 Responses to “Who is Snake?

  • that so hard handling a ball

  • hey snake im a twelve yar old boy who is tryi. to get better at basketball particularly handling because my friends think they i suck and cant make it on the basket ball team for my school so im asking for your help in handling

    • Hey Waylon, I know exactly how you feel, I was in a very similar position at your age. Over the years I’ve found a lot of methods to improve ball handling and even created some of my own that really help you improve fast.

      I’ve collected these secrets and techniques and put them into my tutorials and ball handling programs for people just like you so you can get results much faster than other ballers. Check out some of my tutorials here on the website if you haven’t already and if you really want to take your handles to the next level you can with the programs here – http://snakebasketball.com/snake-skills-academy-online-training-videos/

      Thanks for the message Waylon. Keep at it and you’ll earn everyone’s respect, I know it!

    • Hey Waylon, my name is Ryan Bonilla and i know what ur going thru i was the same way 2 yrs ago i was not as good as i am now i practice every day 24/7 to get were I am now now i can go thu big ppl like to play with grown up that got very good defence and that’s hard to get around them i play with adults that r 19 and older and im only 15 i even teach kids ur age how to dribble start watching bball videos and use a tennis ball every were u go at all times that wat i did now im a ok player im not saying snake is bad but try it ok and then talk back to me i advise u to watch all the very very good ppl in bball history ok like skip to my lou or hot sauce and the professor these are and1 players and watch drose the best pg in the NBA hands down he is the best and watch allen iverson the best player ever lol thats the man he even cross michael jordan yes jordan lord of the air the man in space jam and watch kyrie irving and jamal crawford and kd and nate robson thats an name of a few ppl i watch all the time and if u want to learn how to shoot steph curry is the won u should watch ok so i wish none but best to u bro lol if u want to be on ur team

      sincerely, Ryan Bonilla A.k.A YoUnG D.RoSe

  • hey snake,
    i used to suck at basketball handles. But thanks to your tips and tricks and a little determination i even made it to the school team!
    you rock coach snake!!

  • wow your handlings were amazing i too want to learn i took you as a role model when i was 13 and i played basket ball i always see your youtube videos they r amazing. post more videos
    and teach me how pleaseeeeee

  • Snake is the best!I have purchased most of his training programs and I tell you they are worth the money and the time one puts on them!Keep on man!

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