Basketball Training

Basketball Training

Is your “basketball training” getting you big results?  If not, you may want to consider a different approach to how you’re practicing and training.

Basketball Training

“Basketball Training”

Is Your Training Effective?

You want to make sure your training is effective first and foremost.  I mean why bother putting in countless hours of practice for minimal results?  The basketball players that dominate the competition are the ones that realize this and make the most of their time in the gym.

To see some effective basketball training tactics I’d recommend that you check out the video playlist below that features effective tips and tutorials.

What Basketball Position Do You Play?

The next thing you’ll want to consider when determining your training is what basketball position you play.  If you’re a shooting guard you’ll want to train your ball handling, shooting the most.  If you’re a point guard you’ll need more focus on ball handling and passing.  Centers need to work more on rebounding, post moves and scoring around the basket.

Each position in basketball has different responsibilities and expectations and your training should reflect that.  That should be your first priority with your practice.

Once you have the main skills down for your position you may also want to consider training skills that make you more difficult to guard for your position and create a mismatch.  For example, a power forward that can handle the basketball well and shoot from outside can be very difficult to guard, just like a shooting guard that can post up well creates mismatches for opposing players.

Train Your Basketball Weaknesses

One of the quickest ways to improve in basketball is to train on your weaknesses.  Working on your strengths can help you specialize in one thing and allow you to stand out, but you’ll see your biggest, fastest results in training your weaknesses.

Also, if you have a major glaring weakness opposing teams will take advantage of it and your coach may not play you as much because of it.  For example, if you can shoot the ball well, but are not a good ball handler and defender you are really limiting your potential as a basketball player and your playing time.  Make sure your training works on your weaknesses if you want to reach your full potential.

Free Basketball Training Workout and Guide

If you really want to take your basketball training to a whole new level just pop in your email below and I’ll send you a free ball handling workout and guide that’s made for serious players!

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