Best Ball Handling Drills

Three of the Best Ball Handling Drills

Ball Control Program - Ball on a String

Ball Control Program – Ball on a String – 48 ball handling drills!

There are literally hundreds of  ball handling drills you can learn from different coaches, camps and videos, but Snake only passes on the very best ball handling drills and moves that he’s learned.

If you’re looking for more ball handling drills check out my FREE Ball Handling Workout – the Game Time Play Primer!


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Best Ball Handling Drills – Three of Snake’s Favorites

These are three of the best ball handling drills that Snake trusts for explosive results in his training, and they will take your ball handling to the next level, too.  Each drill helps in different aspects including speed, control, coordination, awareness, strength, and reflexes and are proven to give you an advantage over your competition.

Best Ball Handling Drills – Detailed Explanations From Snake

Snake explains these best ball handling drills in a clear and detailed way making them easy to understand and benefit from.  If you want to see even more ball handling drills check out this FREE Ball Handling Workout – the Game Time Play Primer.


41 Responses to “Best Ball Handling Drills

  • Hey know your’e my idol.. hehehe..
    your’e good with streetball..

    But snake can u give me a little can i be like you..
    you know.your’e trying to help others learn the way you dribble..
    and i know you want them to learn the fullest of your abilitites..

    but snake can i get through this within a month..or can i be better handling the ball even dough in a short period of training or doing the drills you gave????? please snake give me an early response.:_)_ thank u ur my idol!!!

    • You can add me on fb. so we can talk longer :))) hehehe!!

    • Hey John, that’s AWESOME that you’re looking to improve. Doing these drills will help you’re ball handling especially if you do them for a month. However it is important to also practice game type moves as well. These drills are made primarily to improve your hand speed, coordination and comfort level with the basketball. I’d recommend mixing some of these drills with practicing the Breakdown Moves at least 4-5 days a week for at least 30 minutes per day and you will see big improvements!

  • heey snake first of all i like youu videos !!! but can yyou please tell me i just starred whit playing basketbal and i want to make it to the nba i believe that i can make it i do pray everday to i know that its gonna take alot of work ! but im ready fore it but its it still posible fore me ??

    • It sounds like you have a great start towards making it, which is a good attitude. I truly believe with proper practice and a plan you can achieve anything in life. If you put both of these things in place and endure some tough times you can do it. Even outside of the NBA there are opportunities to make basketball your job. How old are you Regilio?

  • snake Im your big fan and i know much of your move still cant do your breakdown moves pls help me !!!

    • I’m glad to hear you’re a fan Mark! Practice is a big key for the breakdown moves. I’ll also have a program called Ultimate Breakdown Moves out very soon that will help you with this issue in many ways! It has more tips on doing the Shamgod and Stiff Leg correctly, how to read your defender, other moves to shake defenders and more. I’ll be releasing it sometime in November and it will only be on this website, so stay tuned!

  • Sup snake. Ive balled for some years but i have always had below average handles. i know the game pretty well but it seems i dont have the right tools to get me past the hump. How many times should i be doin these drills?

    • I’d recommend doing them 3-4 times a week for at least 2-3 minutes per drill, until you get them down. I’ll be having a larger drills program coming out soon too!

  • u must be a teacher better

  • Hey Snake !!!!
    U know its been really cool followin ur videos ….
    i was gud in d game but just wanted 2 add sum flare to d moves nd learn new moves ….
    Uve surely helped me… 😀 Big Fan….

  • Thank you so much for these videos I am currently a senior in high school and I have never gotten the chance to play any sort of organized basketball so my knowledge for the game is little to none. I also have dreams of making the NBA but that’s after I play college. I am very disappointed to say that my ball handling is below average for a 5’8 point guard. But I know through hard work if I do your drills I can finally be able to compete in higher competition. thank you so much for doing these vids that will help those who want to increase their ball handling skills.

  • Snake is a trendsetter and a leader in the Streetball industry. He has great skills, great personality and shows the world how to properly execute great streetball moves. Streetball 4 Life – ryan

    • Thanks for the kind words! is a great website for all things streetball and basketball!

  • I only know your videos at youtube. I practice your Streetball Breakdown moves. I must buy the Ultimate Breakdown Move program but the problem, I’m still 13 yrs old and cant afford anything?
    but still you’re my idol thanks for the videos!

  • Hey snake do you shipp the videos or are they downloads

    • The videos are all available as online video

      • Ok thanks can the one ball on a string improve my handles like crazy and will I be able to go by anyone and are they standing drills or moving drills whit cones

        • Ball on a String will definitely improve your handles like crazy, if you’re looking to improve your handles on the move Ultimate Breakdown Moves is more geared towards that. Ball on a String focuses more on control which is your foundation for all ball handling.

          • Ok man thanks which is better I don’t have 27 I just got 20 on my card man that’s why

          • I’d recommend starting off with Ball on a String, like I said it’s your foundation for everything after, so it’s VERY important and you can’t go wrong with it 😉

          • So are the drills stationary drills or cone drills I hope ball on a string will work out for me and makes me control the ball aftet I make a move

          • The drills are mostly stationary, but they’ll improve you ball handling drastically whether you’re moving or not. If you really want to make sure your handles are tight you can’t go wrong with the combo pack (Ultimate Breakdown Moves + Ball on a String). Plus you save on both of the programs when you get the combo pack.

  • one of the best ball handling programs out there. great job

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