Freestyle Basketball

Freestyle Basketball

Freestyle Basketball

Freestyle Basketball

Freestyle basketball has been around for over 10 years now and has been growing rapidly in the last few years.  With the help of YouTube, social networks, and grassroots scenes all across the globe freestyle basketball has become tremendously popular over the last few years.  Add in some TV fame for different freestyle groups and performers and you can see why this unique sport is catching on fast.

Freestyle Basketball – What Is It?

Basically freestyle basketball is a very loose and artistic interpretation on basketball ball handling with elements from other disciplines and sports mixed in.  Freestyle basketball doesn’t adhere to traditional basketball rules such as carrying, travelling or double dribbling.  Instead it was built on a foundation Globetrotters type tricks, ball handling drills and And1 streetball moves and incorporates an element of rhythm and dance.

Over time freestyle basketball has brought elements from things such as soccer, yoga, break-dance  juggling, popping, locking, martial arts and more.  Nowadays each freestyler has their own creative expression with the basketball(s) and may draw inspiration from just about anything you can imagine.

How to Learn Freestyle Basketball

If you’re looking to learn freestyle basketball a good start would be some of my freestyle basketball tutorials which will give you an idea of some of the basics of freestyle, as well as some more advanced combinations and moves.  You may also want to check out my ball handling drills, streetball moves, and streetball trick tutorials also, because in freestyle basketball any type of move or idea can be added to your repertoire, personal expression, and style.

After the Basics of Freestyle Basketball

Once you master some of the basics of freestyle its a good idea to get some videos YouTube to get some feedback from other freestylers.  When you are comfortable with the basics and start moving into more advanced freestyle moves and combos you should work on developing your creativity.  Your creativity is what will allow you to define yourself, set yourself apart from other freestylers and even create your own style of freestyle basketball.  

Finally, if you’ve feel you’ve developed your skills enough and have a unique style it may be time to get out and do some performances or even take part in some freestyle competitions.  A great competition that is easy to enter is my yearly Snake Freestyle Basketball Contest.  The contest features freestylers from all over the world, has prizes, and will get you more exposure to the freestyle basketball community!

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