How to Dribble Fast and Increase Ball Control

How to Dribble Fast and Increase Ball Control

How to Dribble Fast

How to Dribble Fast

My tutorial on how to dribble fast has gotten a lot of views on YouTube in a short time.  I think most basketball players and basketball freestylers want to improve their dribbling speed because it opens up so many more possibilities in what you can do with your ball handling.

How to Dribble Fast – This Drill Helps Dramatically

This particular drill requires a lot of coordination and control and is just one element of having truly fast handles.  I’ll be introducing a program soon that will help you take your ball handling speed to levels most people won’t believe, so be in the lookout!

How to Dribble Fast on the Move

You can also dramatically improve your ability to beat defenders off the dribble, fast, with my Ultimate Breakdown Moves program which is available in the Snake Skills Academy.  In the meantime this drill and the ones in my best ball handling drills section will give you a good base on learning how to dribble fast.

Don’t forget to check out the Ultimate Breakdown Moves program which is available in the Snake Skills Academy and try these best ball handling drills to give you a good base on learning how to dribble fast.

10 Responses to “How to Dribble Fast and Increase Ball Control

  • Hay man first off I gotta say ur soo good at bball. The next thing is tht ok I’m 6’2 and I’m in tenth grade so in high-school I’m considered “to tall” to dribble butreally like drosand other nba guards are my size or bigger sooi want to ask u how do u getball on a string handles? Like I can dribble but I can’t get it to look smooth or sell my dribbles and I hate it cuz nuthin works! Plse help thnks

    • Thanks man. At 6’2″ you are fairly tall for your age, but its really hard to say how much more you’ll grow yet for sure. Most people do grow for a few years after your age yet, but everyone is different. There is definitely a lot more tall guards in the NBA nowadays, and like you said at your height you wouldn’t even be a tall guard. Dribbling is a skill that is great to have at any height, just look at what guys like Durant are doing in the NBA now. For your handles I’d recommend checking out my drills section on here for now. Pretty soon I’ll be having an Ultimate Breakdown Moves program specifically for ball on a string handles and faking out defenders in the Snake Skills Academy. Once that comes out I think it’ll work wonders for you improving your handles man. Thanks a bunch for the comment and stay tuned to the site for the program and other updates!

  • thnxxxxx man this video helped 🙂

  • I’m from Philippines, I am having trouble with my dribble cuz I’m 5’6 tall and I’m a little bit fat. How can I improve more my dribbling skills especially in doing ankle breakers.

    • Your ball handling all begins with ball control, that is the basis of all your dribbling skills, without good ball control you will have a hard time breaking ankles. I’ll have a ball handling program available soon called the “Ball on a String – Ball Control Program” that will help you learn this skill specifically.

      Once you have mastered this you will be ready to move up to working on breakdown moves, which you can find here –

      Another thing I recommend is my Ultimate Breakdown Moves program, it teaches you how to read your defender, improve your dribbling skills, and gives you different moves that you can use to break ankles. You can find more about that here –

  • Thanks for posting this Video..This definately is helpful. This game is about repetition.

  • you got some drills that will help out with dribbling fast plzz man thx!!

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