Basketball Training Consistency

Basketball Training – Consistency

Consistency is important in basketball training, a consistent schedule helped me learn to dribble 3 basketballs more quickly.

If there is one thing that can take your basketball training to the next level it is consistency.  Going to the gym and dribbling and working on ball handling for four hours is great, but if you take the next two weeks off, that’s not basketball training – that’s a random display of intensity with little purpose.  Sure that one hard day will benefit you, but you’ll see faster improvements from training 1-2 hours on 4 separate days instead of cramming it all into one.

The reason for this is that it takes time for your body to build the muscle memory to perfect the basketball skills you’re working on when training.  If you train just one day for a long period you’re building muscular endurance more than anything, which is important, but when you’re learning new skills proper form and being explosive are important.  If you’re dead tired from four hours of  training both your form and ability to explode start to lack, and you can actually teach your body to move slow and sloppy.

So keep that in mind when you’re doing your basketball training.  Instead of training hard one or two days a week, try to set up 4-5 days a week where you’re going to train for shorter periods on a certain set of moves and skills.  If you stick to the schedule I’m sure you’ll see incredible results from your basketball training.  If you’re not sure where to start with your training check out some of my basketball ball handling drills and basketball moves tutorials to help you get past defenders.

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