2013 Snake Freestyle Contest – Round 2 Winners

2013 Snake Freestyle Contest – Round 2 Winners

2013 Snake Contest Round2 Winners

2013 Snake Contest Round2 Winners

Round 2 of the 2013 Snake Freestyle Basketball Contest is complete and ESAV15 has made his selections.

Here’s the selections in ESAV15‘s words:

“It was a great honor for me to judge this round as I really liked the overall quality of the videos submitted and actually had the chance to get some ideas to work on in order to make my own moves from a bunch of them. So I take the chance to give big props and thx to everyone who put time and effort in this. With that being said, my 3 picks (and advancing to the final round) are :

1. AK

AK might actually be one of my favs in the entire global scene right now: his quickness is unmatched, he got plenty of power moves, a very recognizeable style and the vibe of his vid is just amazing, a declaration of love for our art.

2.  4Eyed

4eyed is a master: he got a unique mix of physical and technical skills and can do things that normal people cannot even think of. Moreover his vid is a masterpiece from an editing standpoint (Bocjan is a genius when it comes to make great freestyle vids), one if not the single best videos as a matter of fact.

3. Andy Mill

Andy Mill: where does this guy come from? Right from the get go he set the tone with a pretty big handstand moves and he goes on till the last second: amazing! Quick, stylish, can pull of some serious big moves and has a big repertoire of tricks up to his sleeve.”

Each of these freestylers will need to make a new video in order to compete for the final round, which means there are more great videos coming from these talented freestylers!  If you didn’t advance in the first round or didn’t enter the second round, there are still two more rounds that you can enter for your chance to advance to the final round.  For more details on how to enter those rounds check the 2013 Snake Freestyle Basketball Contest Rules.

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