Dribbling Drills – 4 Keys for Your Best Practice

Dribbling Drills – 4 Keys for Your Best Practice

With all the basketball dribbling drills out there it can be tough to determine which are most worth your time and are most effective.  However there is a way to determine what drills will be the best for your specific dribbling ability.  Pay attention to these 4 keys and you’ll be on your way to amazing dribbling skills in no time.

Dribbling Drills - Best Practice Keys

Dribbling Drills – Best Practice Keys

Pick Dribbling Drills That Are At Your Level

Before you start going crazy trying to dribble 20 basketballs at the same time consider what your current level is, otherwise you could develop bad habits and poor form.  This will make any other drills and dribbling much more difficult and ineffective, so be sure to start at a level you’re comfortable with and advance from there.

Your Dribbling Drills Should Work On Weaknesses

This might sound like a contradiction to my last point, but you should target weaknesses, such as your weak hand or certain moves that you have a hard time with.  The key is to start slow and easy with your weak points and mastering your form and control first.  Once you’ve developed a good base for your weaknesses you can work on your speed and more difficult dribbling drills to further develop your weaknesses until they become strengths.

Drills Should Challenge You

Once you’ve found your comfort level you want to push just beyond that.  Work on ball handling drills that are just a bit harder than what you can do easily so you know that you’re challenging yourself and improving.  You can also challenge yourself with drills that you already comfortable with by really pushing your limits in terms of hand speed, foot speed, and movement control.

Enforce Good Dribbling Habits

When you’re doing your drills you want to make sure your form is top notch, or you’ll make dribbling much more difficult for yourself in the long run.  If you have weaknesses in your ball handling such as not staying in a low position or using fingertips to dribble the ball try to pick out drills that enforce these concepts.

The Best Way To Work On These 4 Tips For Dribbling Drills?

I have a program that was built around these 4 tips called the Ball on a String – Ball Control Program.  It features dribbling drills in a full ball handling workout that starts at a basic level and progresses to advanced drills, enforces good dribbling habits, challenges you, and helps you work on your weaknesses.  With these 4 factors in mind and some unusual techniques that “program” your body to have crazy handles, my program features dribbling drills that are best for every player.



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