Final “Legend” Judge – 2013 Snake Freestyle Basketball Contest

Final “Legend” Judge – 2013 Snake Freestyle Basketball Contest

The Notic Streetball Freestyle Crew

The Notic Streetball Freestyle Crew

The fifth and final “Legend” judge for the 2013 Snake freestyle basketball contest is one I didn’t think I had a chance of getting.  I’d literally never been in contact with him before a couple days ago, and didn’t even know he was active on the basketball scene anymore.  He was part of the first underground streetball/freestyle crew to gain wide ranging internet fame while also having a massive local following in Vancouver.  The crew – The Notic.  The freestyler – David Dazzle.

David Dazzle - Notic Streetball Freestyle

David Dazzle – Notic Streetball Freestyle

If you’re not familiar with the Notic, let me give you a little history lesson.  When they came out they were the next biggest thing after the And1 Mixtape Tour and the Nike Freestyle Commercial for freestyle, and in many ways they were bigger.  Many of the elements of freestyle (filming freestyles outdoors, countless move ideas, low dribbles, etc.) you think of as standard now were started by the Notic.

It’s quite humbling to have Dazzle as a judge for this contest because when I was just starting to work on developing my own style of streetball moves and freestyle I discovered the Notic, and Dazzle left a huge impression on me.  Dazzle was a huge pioneer and you can still watch his old clips now and find moves you haven’t seen anywhere else.

Dazzle is currently working with Joey Haywood a.k.a. King Handles (also from the Notic) on his own basketball and athletic training company called Advanced Basics.  If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the Advanced Basics website, Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter page.

Being that this is the final (but unexpected) judge I will be giving details on how to enter the contest VERY soon.  Also be on the lookout for a full feature story on David Dazzle and Advanced Basics.



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  • You know you are a Legend of a sport when they name a move or a stat after you. Ever wondered where the “Dazzle catch” came from? Yeah, you got it right. Legendary.

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