Streetball Moves – Getting Past Defenders

Streetball Moves for Getting Past Defenders

Mastering these streetball moves is a starting point to getting past defenders easily.  Who wouldn’t want to get past defenders at will and look good doing it?  Well you’re in luck because with these streetball moves you will learn to do just that, and I guarantee your fundamental basketball game as well as your streetball and freestyle skills will improve drastically because of it.  If you find these moves helpful check out some more free tutorials or check out Ultimate Breakdown Moves in the Snake Skills Academy if you want to take your handles to the next level!



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  • pliss subtitle spanish plis

    • I’ll see what I can come up with for you Piero. I have a lot of people with many different languages that watch my tutorials, so I’m trying to figure out a way for people of all languages to better understand the videos and learn more from them. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them!

      • Hey I speak both English and SPanish and can work some video editors so if you need any help, I´m down! Great tuts by the way!!

  • donlowd more vidios with more drils im from isral

  • Hi man! Im from Colombia but im living in Chile, and I love basketball. Your videos are amazing! You have helped me a lot! Keep it doing man! #Respect! See ya!

  • snake you have amazing drils im playing in a team at isral evreybody are caling me a loser zero… im your big fan i wish that ican see somtime

  • i
    dont anderstand how to do your drils my freinds are alawys laghing at me that im a loser and i want show tham that im not a loser !!!!! donlowd more v


  • i wish that i can see you sometime too but afcourse that i cant see you becuase i live at isral and you live i gas at unitd states hahaha i whant to do the same drils just like you i wach your vidios over and over show me more cool stuf at your vidios you are amazinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bro,thanks man! Your video help me a lot. My friend was totally impress when I follow what u show in the video and they quickly. Immediately! Ask me where I learnt it from. Makes me feel strong and important . As if like I need to be in every match to help them win.

  • Glad you like the videos and that they’ve helped you man!

  • Hi, Snake, I m a basketball lover but I m sucks. What are the move should be 1st learn in order to master your skill??

  • Hey man, good stuff! I watched your video on the Jamal Crawford variation move but I was wondering if you could add a breakdown of the original Shake and Bake with the hop? The shake and bake isn’t so difficult in a “standing still” setting, but it’s more than tough in transition! I figured I’d at least ask and see if you could maybe slow it down so I could better understand it. Thanks bro! God Bless!

  • sup im ukrainian and usually people saw no ukrainians can play basketball especially me so i saw ur video it was amazing trying to learn everything possible i was wondering if u can make some more defender crossing videos and how to move the ball away when they are coming to get it i a calm way so they wont expect it.

  • Do u have more to show us,if it’s svailable

    • Hi William, I’m planning on possibly making a few more tutorials like this in the next month or so. I have a lot more moves and tips like this available in the Ultimate Breakdown Moves which you can find in the Snake Skills Academy section of this site. I hope this helps!

  • Thanks the videos really helping become a better player good job on them keep it up

  • Hey snake bro, I live in Afghanistan I’m in a team my school since two years but the problem is that we don’t have such experienced and skillful trainer so we do all the move over and over again nothing new we’ve learned todo and the basketball really gets boring, nowadays I’ve searched on the YouTube finally I found your cool drills I follow them all and do practice it at home then teach it to my team I wanna thank you for struggling and making people more addicted to basketball keep it up and we’ll be waiting for your more amazing drills

    Thanks in advance

    • That’s very cool to know that I’ve been able to help your team, but it’s your passion that has ultimately allowed you and your team to get better. Stay on your grind!

  • hello 🙂 i am a girl here who is interested in taking up streetbasketball! your videos helped me a lot! thanks so much 🙂

  • i like your video SNAKE, i wish that i can play like you thanks a lot for the tutorials I’m a big FAN of yours.

  • someday i want to be like you.

  • the first that i play basketball, my friends said that basketball is not not for me.
    but when i saw snake moves it incourages me to play and to apply your moves…
    it makes me insane…thanks SNAKE

  • I play against a guy that sticks too close for comfort. He is always right in front of me and is close to touching me. I don’t have any room to move and because he has long arms I can never been free let alone shoot. Do you have a way to gain some distance or to get past him. H

  • Snake; do you have too be tall in order to do these moves? Do you have to be older than 13 to do these moves?

  • Thanks Jessemuench!

  • hi snake
    can help me how to spin move pls
    byt he way im form philippines

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